Window application

To make the package even more attractive, we can also make packages with little windows. We can make not only the traditional surface windows in the location of cut-outs, but also 3D windows over up to three corners, which will let the product to distinguish itself from multiple angels and, overall, move the package to a completely new presentation level. Customer tailored designs are a matter of course.

Main advantages

When it is required that the product can be shown prior to being unpacked, the application of the little windows represents an excellent opportunity to achieve this goal. To apply traditional little windows after a shape cut-out, we utilize the latest window-maker from the German company HEIBER+SCHRĂ–DER.

If a standard window is not sufficient, we can offer 3D corner windows, which can introduce the product to customers in an elegant way prior to being unpacked. By using other impressive techniques of the Prindor type and a combination of various varnishes, we are able to create really exclusive packages exactly in accordance with a given order.

Other information

To prepare particular proposals and solutions, we depend on our experienced designers who are able to offer solutions that are highly functional, yet of an impressive appearance and economically efficient.

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