Shape cut-outs

Utilizing our own construction facilities, we are able to design very complex and impressive combinations, exactly tailored to the needs of our customers. Our proposals include models, made using particular materials, for testing package functionality.

Main advantages

Thanks to our many years of experience in the filed, we are able to offer a complete portfolio of products, which our customers require to be of the unapparelled quality. We are specialists for packages of all types and shape cut-outs, together with an almost endless number of variants of other construction requirements - that’s our daily bread.

We use top-class machines of the latest generations made by the Swiss company BOBST. We are proud to be currently working with three models from this prestigious company. Thanks to regular training and thanks to continuously introducing trends, we are able to fulfill the market demands and requirements of our customers.

Other information

In order to utilize the cut-out automatic machines as efficiently as possible, we are able to design blades with automatic cut-outs or guillotine for mechanical separation of waste. We are also able to adjust our proposals in a way that the related production is as fast as possible, with a positive impact on the final price, without compromising quality.

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