Printing on nonabsorbent materials

We are able to print on special foils and laminated materials, all of that in a perfect quality, utilizing either CMYK or hybrid, UV-reactive direct colors. This gives the packages a unique character, which certainly differs from common production.

Main advantages

The field of printing on nonabsorbent materials represents a very narrow segment, which is most commonly used for packaging materials for cosmetic products, exclusive food supplements, pharmaceuticals, etc. It combines the advantages of a very high-quality durable package with a unique appearance, thus being quite different from the products made by our competitors.

These materials are used more and more frequently for book boxes, blue-ray media or packages for electronics and toys. The materials are thus used when the given package is supposed to last longer and not just as a product protection during transport and handling.

Other information

Thanks to the option to use hybrid printing colors, offset printing has joined screen printing and digital printing, i.e. print technologies that could had been used for printing on foils and plastic folders in the past. However, similarly to printing on paper, offset printing has the advantage of being faster and cheaper for orders of larger volumes.

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