Prindor is a unique printing technology that is offered, apart from us, by only a few other printing companies in Europe. It represents a new dimension of metallic printing. Its application allows you to achieve a much more impressive appearance of your packages than it is possible with the other technologies.

Main advantages

One of the main advantaged of the Prindor technology is high subtlety of the drawing at the level of the print screen. Since a high trapping accuracy can be achieved using it, prints can be further applied on metallic bases, thus creating very impressive color effects - for example, highlighting individual reflections on water surfaces, which has been impossible to do using other procedures.

Apart from subtlety and accuracy, the Prindor technology has other advantages as well. The first one is speed. Since metallic effects are applied within a single pass during offset printing, the speed of up to 15 thousandsheets per hour can be achieved. All of that with the same trapping accuracy as when using regular offset. When used on packages, the need to invest in another, pasting technology is eliminated. Pasting utilizing conventional methods is possible since the pasting surfaces remain without print.

Other information

Display of the special codes is not affected either. This is significant when it comes to, for example, pharmaceutics, when packages on the filling lines move very fast and the readers have to recognize them for the filling purposes. For all-surface metallic prints, a white background has to be created for individua service codes, which often results in the white color being rather grey, thus increasing reading errors. Cold stamping provides metallic appearance for specified areas, while service codes remain well readable. The Braille alphabet is not a problem either since the projections have the same parameters as during regular printing, which means that the metallic effects do not lose anything from its quality.

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