Pasting, together with shaped cut-outs, forms the backbone of our company production. Over 17 years of experience in the field makes us a stable partner for all customers that require production of various types of cardboard packages of the highest quality. Advanced pasting lines, including installed Accucheck and Accubraill technologies, are prepared to face any challenge presented by our customers.

Main advantages

Our pasting line from the Swiss company BOBST is furnished with the Accucheck technology, which works on the principle of a high-speed camera that monitors product samples and compares them with the pasted products, while the line is running full speed. Shall a deviance of the given sample from the specified range be determined, the product is discarded from further production. This way we are able to ensure an almost 100% quality control of all products that we supply.

Yet another advantage is the fact that the automated machine is furnished with the Accubraill technology, latest generation of which allows for the fastest stamping of the Braille alphabet on the market with certified readability and sufficient output control. It goes without saying that we use control procedures and mechanisms that uncover any defects related to insufficient pasting, uneven pasting, etc.

Other information

When processing individual orders on the pasting line, we mainly focus on high quality of the produced packages. We continuously inspect pasting flatness, quantity of the paste and any product defects caused by the machine, and we correct these defects immediately. It is one of the reasons why our warranty claim ratio is only in tens of a percent.

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