Offset printing

The latest printing technologies of the German company Manroland in the B1 and B2 formats are ready, under the supervision of a team of professionals, to fulfill your requirements and quality and brilliancy demands for your final product - a package that gets attention and is seen.

Main advantages

The basis of a high-quality package is the print. And in this basic field, we can boost extensive experience with printing of even the most demanding orders in a perfect quality. The printing machine for the B2 format is equipped with hybrid offset cylinders that allow for printing on nonabsorbent materials in UV mode. It goes without saying that we have experience with the entire offer of direct colors, including metallic colors.

The printing machine for the B1 format can boost a unique Prindor technology, which lifts the printed material to a new level of quality and used effects. Our extensive experience with various types of varnishes, including UV-reactive products, give the printed products untraditional appearance and lead over our competitors.

Other information

Due to optical measurements of the control sheets and automatic balancing of color fluctuations, we are able to achieve very small deviances during the printing process. It follows that we can profile particular orders for achieving the same results for any number of repeated orders.

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