For packages that need to be ade of a very resistant material, or packages fro heavy products, the lamination technology is used. The technology is based on joining a sheet of a two-layer cardboard with a printed sheet refined by an offset technology.

Main advantages

When laminating, we paste a single-side printed sheet using offset printing on a sheet of a two-layer corrugated cardboard with the option to also utilize all available refining technologies. Our imprints on smooth cardboard packages as well as packages made of microwool are of the highest quality and are thus also suitable for luxurious presents or goods. Even microwool packages can leave elegant and “expensive” impression.

Lamination using corrugated cardboard is most often used for making packages for products of specific characteristics, such as higher weight accompanied by small dimensions (mechanical parts). It is also used when the product protection needs to be of a really high quality (wine packaging).

Other information

Utilizing our own construction facilities, we are able to design very complex and impressive combinations, exactly tailored to the needs of our customers. Our proposals include models, made using particular materials, for testing package functionality.

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