Embossed stamping

This type of design refining of packages is becoming ever more popular. Since we have mastered this technology, we can also offer it for very affordable prices. Many years of experiences and a modern cut-out machine with an option for embossed stamping allows us to offer this technology for very favorable prices.

Main advantages

Embossed stamping is one of the elements that is very demanding when it comes to processing quality of the actual machineas well as package application. The most important factors are the height of the embossing, graphic accuracy and making sure that the material strained by the embossing does not crack. To achieve perfect results without top-class technology, team of high-quality experts and know-how is practically impossible.

We are able to process all types of embossed stamping. We utilize the blind printing option, when only a motif plate is used at a designated spot without printing, as well as stamping fitting to a preprinted motif, which is thus emphasized in this manner. The actual stamping can be protruding or rammed from the viewing side.

Other information

Do not hesitate to contact our designers for the purpose of stamping preparation. They have many years of experience and are able to tailor individual solutions to given customer needs. They will point out all possible risks and they will prepare the best solution possible, making sure your package will catch attention.

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