Braille alphabet

The demand for Braille alphabet application on packages has been growing. This is true not only for the pharmaceutical industry, where it is mandatory to include descriptions using the Braille alphabet, but also across all other fields. We are able to offer applications of the alphabet with a certified readability and of the highest quality.

Main advantages

Using the most modern application method on the pasting line of the latest generation, stamping the Braille alphabet is faster than every before. Thanks to a fast preparation process, there is no production idle time, thus making the price of the application affordable.

We have been cooperating with the Center of Social Services for Vision Impaired People in Brno Chrlice. We let the local clients inspect all packages furnished with the Braille alphabet. That is how we improve the quality of our products’ readability for other people who are vision impaired.

Other information

The Braille alphabet is a specific alphabet designated for vision impaired people (people with a very bad sight and people who are completely blind). Blind people use the Braille alphabet for reading and writing. The basis of the Braille alphabet is formed by a combination of six points. Individual letters are formed by embossing one to five points. The entire system consists of 64 combinations, which are perceived by the reader by touch.

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