We can assess existing packages and propose possible improvements, with the objective to reduce expenses or improve their functionality. With the help of a construction engineer when configuring production, we will locate even the smallest deficiencies of the given package design and we will, together with the client’s technologists, optimize the speed and minimize losses related to the product packaging process.

Main advantages

On today’s market, with its hard competition even on the field of packaging design, only those will succeed who can offer their clients, apart from creative work, new, innovative effects, refining and new possibilities for packages with an added value. Get to know TOP TISK packages, get to know Prindor, use its amazing possibilities and offer them to your clients!

Our professionals are here to help you with everything. They are ready to assist you in the process of achieving a perfect result. We are even ready to provide help at client facilities, either by sending over our construction engineer or graphic designer, who can help you with introducing new products to production, or by immediately answering your questions.

Other information

Personal approach to our clients has proved to be the right way. Our sales managers are recruited from experts with many years of experience in the field of polygraphy. They are thus also your consultants who understand your ideas and requirements. You can address them at any time, either to get an advice from them or to set a personal meeting with them.

Account managers, who guide your order through the entire production process, from entering the order to shipping, are prepared to answer all of your questions related to individual production stages of your order. Information thus does not have to be passed throughout the company, which means that the system contributes to efficient processing of individual orders.

Did we get your attention?