Pharmaceutics and health care

Thanks to our continuous improvements of the production procedures and quality, we are able to offer a high standard of services in the area where quality is the most important thing. Leading manufacturers of medicine and food supplements have already found a way to us and the provider of their packages. And we are still expanding the portfolio of our clients. For our customers, we especially represent a flexible and stable partner with a great focus on the quality of its work.

Main advantages

Our very modern machinery equipment allows us to produce packages based exactly on a given approved sample and colors, without any fluctuation in the quality of our work. Our multiple-level quality control prevents shipping of products that do not comply with the demanding conditions in the area of pharmacy packages.

Thanks to the implementation of the Accucheck output visual control at the moment of final pasting, we can boost a 100% control of the processed packages. Our pasting line is equipped with the Accubraill system, which is able to imprint the Braille alphabet into a required pattern as fast as possible, while the pasting line is in full-speed operation. All of these technologies have allowed us to break through in the demanding field of pharmacy and food supplements.

Furthermore, we also offer

Thanks to our own design office, we are able to offer complex solutions for almost any package, including sampling in small series. Only that way customers can test package functionality, transport possibilities and material resistance.

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