Food and drinks

Specific processing and production requirements apply to food and drink packages. We are prepared to fully satisfy such requirements. Be it by our maximal production cleanness standards with a minimal risk of package contamination, or by the use of special paints, materials and varnishes designated specifically for these packages. Many years of experience with the production of food and drink packages give us the confidence to fulfill even the most complex requests of our customers.

Main advantages

We have been gradually improving our offer of food and drink packaging technologies in order to comply with all rules and principles applicable to working with food throughout the entire subsequent chain. That is why we are now able to offer a high hygiene standard required in this field.

Apart from the need to comply with correct production procedures, food and drink packages are the display windows of the manufacturers. Thanks to many refining technologies, the packages can look better than ever before, while maintaining all of their positive characteristics. Our designers will prepare a customized package just for you, including full-fledge sample models for testing key functions of the given package.

Furthermore, we also offer

An ever increasing number of customers prefer printing on the unvarnished underside of the material for achieving an impressive appearance of natural packages. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to face even these challenges without any significant color or quality compromises.

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