Cosmetics and body care

There are not many more demanding challenges that packages for beauty products. These packages combine requirements for efficient transport characteristics and product protection with requirements for as much of a luxury appearance as possible and impressive product packaging. The “package sells” saying exactly applies here. We have experience with a complete portfolio of refining technologies and we continuously monitor new trends in this area.

Main advantages

We are one of the very few printing companies on the market that utilize the Prindor technology, which offers uncompromising metallic effects. It is basically cold embossing implemented directly in a printing machine. The technology thus saves time when implementing orders without any unnecessary downtimes.

Apart from this exceptional technology, which moves package appearance to a brand new level, we can provide all types of refining processes for achieving perfect appearance. From an extensive portfolio of varnishes, including very impressive UV-mode varnishes, to a complete assortment of direct colors, including metallic and UV hybrid colors. Thanks to this complex portfolio, we are able to offer our customers the most extensive possibilities for processing their packages. That is also one of the reasons why we have been awarded the prestigious Package of the Year and Design Touch prizes several times.

Furthermore, we also offer

We have expanded our machinery equipment by a window maker with a unique corner window technology. It is an ideal opportunity for packages that emphasize and show the product more than they used to. Thanks to our own design office, we will be glad to assist you with particular proposals, including production of sample models.

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